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Career Changer: Science


Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi who chose to train to teach with United Teaching. Naomi now teaches Science (Biology) in Kettering.

What did you do before starting your teacher training journey? 

After my Masters in Biodiversity Conservation, I worked for a variety of organisations protecting, enhancing, and promoting our natural heritage. I was lucky enough to get involved in outdoor education as part of these roles and that planted the seed of my passion in terms of sharing the benefits of science with young people. 

How would you describe your training with United Teaching?  

Everyone was so supportive! This was across all aspects of the training – from dealing with behaviour to teaching outside of my specialism. A career change is a big step so the support is invaluable. 

My specialism is Biology, but the course gave me a solid understanding of Chemistry and Physics too. The ITT team at United Teaching and my department in Kettering Academy were fantastic and provided high quality training across all three disciplines. Each week I learnt from specialists then put that knowledge into practice during classes.  

So, what are you doing now?  

I am still working in Kettering Academy, and I love it here! My department are so supportive and I am so happy to be part of a community of learners.  

What advice would you give to potential career changers? 

Teaching can be a real roller-coaster – don’t be shy to share your ups and the downs with those trusted colleagues and mentors around you. Their support will get you through any tough times and they will reassure you that if it is happening to you, it most likely to has happened to them or others at some point! 

Ultimately, never forget why you chose to teach, as nothing beats those magical moments in the classroom. Looking at my students, I am really glad I took the leap and chose to change career and become a teacher. If you are considering something similar come and talk to the United Teaching team, they will tell you all you need to know,

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