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Rosie Arnell - Stockport Academy -United Teaching Case Study 2

Case Study: Rosie Arnell


Rosie trained with United Teaching at Stockport Academy, where she now works as both Head of Year 7 and an Assistant Principal:

What did you do before you joined United Teaching?

I joined United Teaching straight from university, after studying an English Literature degree, and working part-time in the corporate sector.

Why did you join United Teaching?

I wanted to take the school direct route into teaching, in order to create closer links with schools. After researching, it was clear that there were no other Academy groups like United Learning, with such a big network across the whole of the UK. I wanted to be part of a growing network of successful schools.

What was the highlight of your training?

The highlight of my training was making close links with my two placement schools. I know a lot of key staff across the schools in our cluster due to my dynamic training, which gave me the opportunity to see the way a range of different schools, with different contexts work.

 Tell us about your current role. 

I am working at Stockport Academy, which was my main placement school when I trained. I am currently Head of Year 7, and have also this year been promoted to an Assistant Principal role, taking care of NQTs and Trainees. I enjoy both of these roles, as I love working in both pastoral and curriculum. The NQT/Trainee role is allowing me to maintain my interest in teaching and learning. I have also this year joined NPQSL. CPD and career development is an integral part of my school and United Learning.

What is the best part of working at your school, and United Learning? 

The best part of working for Stockport Academy, and United Learning, is the strive for excellence. Student success permeates everything we do – and this is a shared ethos across the whole group.

How do you want your career to develop?

Having only recently been promoted to an Assistant Principal role, I want to become confident and competent in this role before moving forward in my career. However, in the next five years, I would like to become a deputy head.

What advice would you give people considering teaching as a career?

Without doubt, this is the most rewarding career you can have – the opportunity to make a difference to young people’s lives is what gives me job satisfaction. Training will be without doubt challenging, however, the reward far outweighs the challenge.

Why should people choose United Teaching?

United Learning are dedicated to “growing their own”. The opportunities across United Learning are vast, and being part of such a large group of schools means the opportunity is far greater than working in a local authority, or independent school.

Why should someone reading this become a teacher?

Because you’ll laugh everyday – children are inquisitive, insightful, and a joy to be around meaning that every day will be full of entertainment.   

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