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Cate, a newly qualified teacher with United Teaching, standing in a classroom

Cate's journey: From trainee to NQT


Cate had a successful career as a media executive before deciding to become a teacher. We spoke to her over the course of her training year and into her NQT year to follow her journey and see how she progressed as a teacher.

We meet Cate at the Summer Institute in August, where United Teaching trainees receive intensive training to prepare them to enter the classroom in September. She's always had a passion for literature and is excited to share her favourite subject with the next generation.

We next catch up with Cate in December. Now with a few weeks of teaching her own classes under her belt, she tells us how different it is to her previous career - more rewarding, and definitely more fun!

By June, Cate's almost finished her course and is reflecting on what the year has taught her. She tells us how she's inspired by her colleagues, and that knowing what she knows now, she wishes she'd got into teaching sooner.

The next time we see Cate, it's September and she's a fully qualified teacher just starting her NQT year. She tells us about the continuing support she gets as a United Teaching NQT, and what her aspirations are for the future.

You can watch the full video of Cate's journey below:





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