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If you love the English language and all its foibles as much as we do, could you teach it? Would you enjoy widening the vocabulary of students, teaching them how to listen, read, write and speak to create epic dialogues? English is the most widely spoken language in the world and is the gateway to many excellent careers, but the love of the language can also be gained through literature. Studying the written word and creating understanding of the intricate use of language will fire the imagination of your students - you could be inspiring the next JK Rowling, Hilary Mantel, Irving Welsh or Michael Morpurgo to put pen to paper! 

Here's what our current trainees have to say about how much fun teaching English is: 

“The Writing World Cup’ was a thrilling lesson for my Y9 English class. After a disappointing assessment period, we needed to improve the outcomes of the grades and one idea I researched was using a knockout round-based writing competition. Splitting the class into small groups of four, assigning team captains, and constructing the perfect exam-style response to the previous exam question, enticed all students to get involved – result! The level of excitement and engagement was outstanding, and it was such a gratifying feeling knowing the successes of the lesson.” Teacher of English and Performing Arts, The Hyndburn Academy, Graduate of United Teaching.

“I teach a year 7 class that, at the start of the school year, I struggled to get them inspired. I was constantly second guessing myself, trying to work out what I was doing wrong until one day, it all fell into place. I have had some amazing lessons since then. I realised this class were unlike many other classes, and to bring out the best in them I needed to adapt my approach. Every class is different, and it is important to change your approach to teaching. Since then, we have had some fun lessons, filled to the brim with English based activities, getting them on their feet and developing their oracy skills at the same time. These are the lessons that I really look forward to and they do too. We’ve built so many bridges that I’ve even been referred to as ‘proper calm’ which in student terms means I’m quite alright!" English Trainee Teacher, Manchester Academy 


Feeling inspired?  

If you love the sound of this and you want to have a fulfilling career opening the minds of the next generation, then the qualifications you’ll need to start with us in Sept 2022 or Sept 2023 are a degree in English or related subject. If you want to see what school life is like register onto one of our Open Events. 

If you are looking to start in September 2022, this is still possible but you will need to be quick with your application. If you are looking at applying for September 2023 and haven’t quite finished your degree yet, you can get ahead of the curve and talk to us. 

There are both salaried and non-salaried routes into teaching English: you can find out more here. So, whether you’re still at university or have been working in a different industry for 30 years, we welcome your application! All our successful candidates have a desire to make a difference, the ability to build a rapport, and the passion to inspire the next generation. If you are looking to apply you can do so here. 


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