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Never a monotonous day if you Train to Teach Design Technology


Design Technology is not usually the first subject that people consider when thinking about training to teach, but the subject is hugely popular with pupils and a strong component of the curriculum in United Learning schools. Encompassing product design, working with resistant materials and food technology, it’s a very imaginative and satisfying subject to teach, leading our pupils into further study and careers in the creative industries, engineering and hospitality, as well as equipping them with skills they’ll use throughout their adult lives. Practical experience in a range of prior careers means that DT is a subject often chosen by career-changers entering United Teaching. 


Here’s what one of our graduates had to say: 


“During my year as a Design and Technology trainee I have gained some very memorable experiences whilst teaching. One of the most memorable and rewarding is a recent KS3 Food Technology practical lesson. The students were introduced to meringues and the emulsification process making a lemon meringue roulade. This is quite a complex and challenging process for the students to complete, and with detailed modelling and scaffolding all students were able to take a meringue roulade home with them. A group of students at the end of the lesson came over to me and said ‘Miss that was really challenging, but we really enjoyed today’s lesson!’ It is moments like this that I think teaching a practical subject can be extremely rewarding, especially when you are contributing to lifelong skills and memories.” United Teaching trainee 


Inspired yet? 

Whether you are a recent graduate or are thinking of a change of career, step into one that inspires the next generation, understanding that in any lesson you could have shaped a future career.  


Read one of our trainees’ career changing journey here. Contact us today if you are thinking about becoming a DT teacher. We can help guide you on the best way to start our ITT course in Sept 2022 or Sept 2023. 



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