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Meet our new trainees


Find out how our new trainees are getting on at our 2-week summer training before the start of the academic year.

We caught up with our new trainees at the Summer Institute to see what they're enjoying so far:



Cate: I've found it really useful and interesting, the presentations have been really engaging and rich in terms of the content, and I feel like it's really helped me to feel more confident and prepared for September.

Richard: I think for me, who hasn't been a teacher or been involved in education before, it's been a really steep learning curve, so it's been a great opportunity to really kind of immerse myself in the subject. It's been excellent, really excellent.

Andy: It's given me lots of little ideas of how I will go about actually being a teacher, as well as the bigger ideas on pedagogy, and what we need to do in terms of getting our qualification as well - so it's covered a whole range of things. Matt and Carmel have been so helpful; the staff here have been great.

Jenna: I'm really enjoying it, it's covered everything I thought it would cover. It's been really practical in that in that it's answered all the questions we've been worried about - they've asked us to list them and then they've gone through those with us, and they've given us lots of strategies to put in place to be able to manage things like behaviour.

Ben: It's been three days at the Summer Institute so far, and I'm enjoying it. There's a wealth of information to take in, but the tutors are both kind and professional, so at no point have I felt overwhelmed, fortunately. 

Emma: It's been really interesting, very intense, but I've found it really informative, and the trainers are really engaging.

Parth: To be thrown into teaching straight from university is a big ask, so getting that training is really necessary, and getting to know how to teach kids.


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