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How does mentoring work on a teacher training course?


The mentor-mentee relationship is a key part of our teacher training programme. But how does it work in practice?

Every week, trainees have the opportunity to receive feedback from their mentor to improve their practice and develop. It is best reflected when a trainee takes on board this developmental feedback provided by their mentor.


"Her feedback gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best teacher I can be”

Jasmine at Stockport Academy discussed her experience of being mentored:

"This has been the steepest learning curve I have encountered throughout my education and career. In three short months I progressed from minimal teaching experience to teaching across KS3 and 4, running my own enrichment activity, organising school trips, taking pastoral responsibilities with a form group and communicating with parents and governors. The support I received from my mentor, Rachel, was been extensive and invaluable. Her feedback gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best teacher I can be in order for my students to flourish. Teaching is the most important job in the world and United Teaching has prepared me for such responsibility.”


The right partnership

Jasmine and Rachel worked together effectively because the dedicated time each week is utilised to the maximum. Rachel ensured her feedback was purposeful and developmental. Jasmine was able to respond and act on her targets.

Rachel explained: “I’ve really enjoyed continuing by career development by undertaking the role of a professional mentor. Jasmine has been lovely to work with and has progressed so rapidly due to her ability to learn from feedback and her resilience. The knowledge and input from the team at William Hulme’s Grammar School and Institute of Education has allowed the whole department to advance, as the trainees give us refreshing ideas and perspectives. I’ve found the whole process very rewarding.”


What have our other trainees said about their mentors?

"Without my mentor I would have given up when the going got tough."

"He knew all the quick ways to help me with behaviour and was really good at guiding me through a chunk at a time when I felt overwhelmed."

"She was just there again and again even though I know she was busy, she gave me time."

"He knew what to suggest without me feeling silly. He didn’t mind if I just poured out everything in any order – we then put it back together in the right order!"

"She helped with the things I didn’t understand that I would have been embarrassed to ask."


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