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'My students give me life!'


Hear from our trainee teachers one term into their Initial Teacher Training year - how they're getting on and their highlights so far:

With one term of teacher training under their belts, we caught up with some of our trainees at Paddington Academy.

Sarah, a chemistry teacher, said, "I'm on the bursary route, so the adjustment has been easier and more gradual compared to the salaried route it wasn't too much of a jump. I was on a 30% [of a qualified teacher's] timetable, and you gradually move up to 80% when you're ready and with the right support."

Meanwhile, PE trainee Eva said, "Everything's been fun, positive - a lot of things to improve on but that's part of learning so I enjoy that too [...] It's such a positive environment with the children and the staff – it's always good vibes, even when something's not going so well, I can always look towards the end goal."

Maths trainee Imran looked back to one particular moment as a highlight: "Yesterday I revealed the Cycle 1 assessment grades, and the smiles on their faces were just ecstatic – like, obviously you would be seeing those grades – and I get that satisfaction because I feel like I've passed my knowledge on to them."

Sarah summarised her experience: "Every day's a different day - so you just come in, and your students just give you life!"

You can watch our trainees talking about their first terms below:















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