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Teaching: a career that changes lives


Most people would likely agree that life as we know it would not exist without teachers. Not only do they educate and inspire children, but they help them to reach their potential. It may sound a little cliché, but we truly believe that teaching is so much more than just a job – it’s a job that makes a difference.  

It’s not just about sharing knowledge: you are supporting young people to develop into the best version of themselves. Here are our reasons why we think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world:  


You change lives 

As a teacher, you have the ability to make a difference by shaping young people’s lives on a daily basis. Giving children the skills and knowledge they will take with them for life not only has a lasting impression on their lives, but yours too.  

Teachers watch young people grow and develop before their eyes. They witness children build self-esteem and progress both academically and non-academically, often overcoming obstacles along the way, to become well-rounded young people who are equipped to take on the wider world.  

This not only gives teachers a personal morale boost, but also provides a level of job satisfaction that other professions rarely provide.  


You share your passion  

Pupils often positively recall their most engaging and interactive teachers who made learning so enjoyable and memorable. Teachers can share their passion for learning by teaching lessons that will not only educate but have a lasting impact. 

Most teachers love the subject or area that they teach, so it can bring great joy to share that with young people. Who knows, maybe it was even their own teacher that ignited their passion for it when they were in school.  


Every day is different 

Teaching is far from a 9-5. Teachers have the unique position of having structure and routine, whilst also having varied working days where no two days are completely the same. A teacher could be teaching their subject during the school day, then creating costumes for the school play during co-curricular clubs and exploring woodlands for the Duke of Edinburgh Award on a school trip, all in one term! 

One thing is for sure, you’re unlikely to ever get bored! 


You learn too  

As a teacher, continued professional development (CPD) is paramount. Teachers are encouraged to develop and learn new skills and teaching strategies through various CPD programmes if they wish, to become the best educator they can possibly be.  


You’re building a legacy 

Teachers don’t just receive satisfaction from seeing their current pupils do well, but their former pupils too.  

When a teacher has given somebody the confidence and guidance to reach their goals, they have left a positive mark on that person that will stay with them for life. This means that the effects of teaching don’t just stop when a child leaves school – teachers who have actively influenced a student often receive appreciation and thanks long after a student has left, with a legacy left behind.  

Teaching is truly a career that changes lives.  

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, visit www.unitedteaching.org.uk to find out more. We would love to hear from you.  


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