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Teaching English at Northampton Academy


My name is Aisha Abdi, and I am currently an English teacher trainee at Northampton Academy.

I studied International Relations and English Language (with Arabic minor) at Aston University, Birmingham and graduated in 2019. Post-graduation, I had planned to travel for a while and work in the publishing industry before starting my teaching career. But, unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic had its own plans. So I fast-tracked my life plan and applied to the United Teaching programme.

The United Teaching programme stood out to me because of their comprehensive approach through supporting you to develop as an educator by focusing on professional skills, confidence and presence in the classroom and subject-specific skills through their Friday sessions.

The team are incredibly supportive from the moment you submit your application. This is mirrored with the extensive in-school support you receive from mentors, other colleagues in your department and across the school.

What next?

If you’re still interested in changing your career to teaching, get in touch for more advice.

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