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United Teaching graduate Lucy trained as a chemistry teacher at Paddington Academy and is now a Head of Department at the school. She tells us more about her teaching journey so far:

Why did you decide to become a science teacher? 

I find chemistry fascinating as a subject and yet recognise that it can be incredibly difficult. As someone who had to work hard at school myself to master complex chemistry, I wanted to be able to help future scientists to see the links, real-world applications and exciting nature of science. Equipping students with the relevant study skills, practical experience and the ability to think critically begins in the classroom. This is what I wanted to contribute towards. 

 What have been the highlights of your teaching career so far? 

One of the biggest highlights for me so far has been in teaching the Year 13 chemistry students. In their final year of school they worked incredibly hard to master some of the most complex chemistry problems. Their perseverance, determination and hard work saw them go on to fantastic universities to study courses such as engineering, chemistry and medicine to name a few.   

 What advice do you have for anyone considering training to teach science? 

Go into schools to have a look at how science is taught and/or talk to other teachers you know. Try to visit some local schools or come on a visit day to a school you are considering applying to. This means you can see first-hand what teaching science looks like. 

 Would you recommend United Teaching as a training provider? If so, why?

Absolutely! United Teaching offers fantastic support to trainee teachers, from training sessions on the best research-based practices, to hands-on classroom experience, subject-specific training, and personalised mentoring. Your mentor will work with you each week to help you embed strategies from the weekly training sessions. They will also work with you on targets and focus on specific areas in your classroom practice week by week. United Teaching is a scheme tailored to you to make sure you become the best teacher you can possibly be.


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