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Training to Teach with a Chemistry Scholarship


We spoke to United Teaching graduate and Chemistry teacher Elizabeth about her training experience and the benefits of training with a Chemistry teacher training scholarship.

Speaking about her experience of training on the self-funded route, Elizabeth said: “It’s a great route if you don’t have a great deal of prior experience, as you start off on a much lighter timetable than on the salaried route. You start off gradually, build up and always feel well supported. You get a gentler start to teaching, with more time to observe.”

Giving her advice to anyone considering teacher training, Elizabeth said: “Before you start, get school experience. Once you’re started, the most important thing is staying organised. Everyone knows there’s a lot involved but if you’re organised, it’s manageable. I have a two-and-a-half-year-old, am currently seven months pregnant and my husband travels with work – and I’m still managing it. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Elizabeth explained some of the many benefits that come with a teacher training scholarship, saying: “It provided additional CPD sessions which were fantastic. In February half term, I went to the STEM Centre in York for a full day of hands-on sessions which were great. I also had access to their resources and a free two-year membership.”

Outlining the scholarship application process, Elizabeth said: “There’s an application, a test and an interview – which was quite similar to my United Teaching interview. The Royal Society of Chemistry, who award the scholarship, have examples of previous tests on their website so you can look at those in advance and get an idea of what to expect.”

Elizabeth’s advice for anyone considering applying for a teacher training scholarship: “Go for it. Even if you’re not sure or aren’t confident you’ll get it, you have nothing to lose. There’s a misconception that there’s additional work tied with a scholarship but there isn’t – you get extra CPD, free resources and a mentor.”






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