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Why I chose to train with United Teaching straight from Uni


We met to have a chat with Laura who trained to teach with United Teaching straight from University. Laura teaches Science (Biology) in Kettering.  


What did you do before starting your training? 

Before I started teaching, I completed my undergraduate degree in BSc Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds. This included a one-year placement during my third year at the food manufacturing and new product development company, Dr Oetker. 

Once I finished university, I decided I wanted to go travelling so for 6 months I worked jobs in call centres and pubs before heading off to Australia, New Zealand, and various parts of Asia for 5 months. 


Why did you choose United Teaching? 

I decided I didn’t want to go back to university to complete my teacher training and wanted to train on the job if possible. United Teaching offered this and had places on the course.  So, I applied just before I went travelling.  I was lucky to be accepted onto the teacher training cohort at Kettering Buccleuch Academy, where I still have the privilege of teaching.  


How did you find your training experience?  

Initially, I found the experience intense as everything was SO brand new, it took a little time to get into a routine. I liked the fact that within the United Teaching course you always had someone you could turn to and be able to ask for help. It could be the school-based staff such as my subject mentor, professional mentor, or the United Teaching team.   

My training cohort were a brilliant group of people and I really enjoyed spending time with them discussing our journey.  

I am so glad I chose the school-based route! Because as I entered my NQT year and things became a little more familiar, I knew I’d chosen the right career path.   


What are you doing now?  

I am now the assistant head of year 7 and teaching all 3 sciences up to GCSE level. Last year I was also the head of year 8 on a year-long maternity cover which was a brilliant experience and prepared me for my current role.  


What advice would you give to potential trainees? 

Take one day at a time! 

My Initial Teacher Training year prepared me to not just survive in teaching but to thrive. Everything starts falling into place and you become a lot more comfortable in your role as it each day goes by.  Be kind to yourself and give teaching a chance!  

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