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What it's like coming straight from university into teacher training


Alice teaches Science in Kettering and came straight from University. So we asked her some questions about her time training to teach with United Teaching.


What did you do before starting your training? 

I had just completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology followed by a Masters in Anthropology. 


Why did you choose United Teaching? 

I undertook some time in a school volunteering to gain experience.  I loved the ethos of the school and the training programme sounded perfect to me as it allowed me to achieve my PGCE whilst getting lots of experience in the classroom at the same time. 


How did you find your training experience? 

It was undeniably hugely challenging, but I loved it because I constantly felt busy and motivated, it was never boring! I had excellent support from all angles: my subject mentor, my colleagues, the United Teaching team, and the university provider. I felt a huge sense of achievement when I qualified at the end of the training year. 


What are you doing now? 

I’m currently Head of Key Stage Three in my school. I have progressed to this role following several years as KS3 Science Lead. I have also had the pleasure of mentoring trainees on the United Teaching programme. Next year I will be the Head of Science in the school I trained in.  I am beyond proud!  


What advice would you give to potential trainees? 

Commit to being organised from day one of the training. No two days are the same in teaching, and certain times of the year are busier than others. Get ahead by thinking from the beginning about how you will organise your time for planning lessons, seeing other teachers teach, and doing your teacher training assignments.

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