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Why choose United Teaching - with Frank McCarron


Frank McCarron, executive principal of Stockport Academy, Manchester Academy and William Hulme's Grammar School, tells us what sets United Teaching trainees apart.

Tell us about the benefits trainees get from United Teaching.

In terms of United Teaching, they have a very comprehensive CPD programme which is delivered weekly, and that has a whole wide range of topics, from subject knowledge to behaviour management.

What is the career progression within United Learning?

There is lots of room for career development in terms of promotion. For example, if you take Stockport Academy, one of our trainees from five years ago is now on the senior leadership team.

What sets United Teaching apart?

United Teaching trainees have  gradually increased contact with their classes, unsupervised. They therefore have this whole experience of being independent teachers, and not having someone just sitting there and observing them. They learn a great skillset, which makes them very, very experienced by the time they get to their graduation.

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