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Why teach?


Remember your favourite teacher from school? The one who supported you, inspired you, and made your lessons worth looking forward to?

You could be that inspirational teacher for another young person.

Creating lightbulb moments. Generating curiosity. Increasing confidence. Shaping minds and lives.

And that’s not all.

Every day is different

While each day has a routine and rhythm, teaching is a million miles away from a standard 9 to 5.

Rather than typing away on a computer all day, you’ll be building human connections through compelling storytelling, data analysis, and strategy and planning. The work you do has a direct impact on the life chances of young people.

One thing is for sure - you'll never get bored!

Your pupils will challenge and surprise you in ways you could have never imagined. You may even find yourself helping out with a co-curricular school club or project you didn't know you'd enjoy quite so much.

Teaching is unique. It builds your life skills, which you then pass on to your students. Teaching changes lives - yours and theirs.

Make a difference where it’s needed most

There's no denying that teaching is hard work - but it's worth it.

Ask any teacher about their proudest moments and you'll hear of students realising their potential, growing confidence, and ultimately changing for the better as a result of their work.

You get to go home each day knowing you have really made a difference. It’s the kind of job that’s rewarding in every way.

Other career paths were tempting, but I thought about what brought me most joy – tutoring kids, being around young people, and making a difference in people’s lives. I wanted a career that brings me constant fulfillment and enriches my life, and teaching does that.”

- Malcolm, United Teaching graduate and Teacher of Maths

Inspire and be inspired

Imagine being able to get excited about your favourite subject every day and inspire others whilst you do it.

Even though you're inspiring them, you'll find that they inspire you too.

Whether they've gone through something difficult personally or have been determined to achieve something academically, you'll often find otherwise unexpected inspiration as you witness your students and their strength of character - day after day.

"There aren’t many jobs you can go into where you get to continue to specialise in your subject and work with it every day – especially with a humanities subject. Teaching allows me to experience History every day.”

- Pete, United Teaching graduate and Teacher of History

Career progression

Want to lead an after-school club? Quite like the idea of being a subject lead? Set on a leadership role?

With teaching, there are plenty of opportunities for progression and additional responsibilities.

A focus on professional development is a given in education. We believe in lifelong learning and want to see you succeed.

Like any career, the higher you climb, the more you’ll earn. A newly qualified teacher earns a minimum of £30,000 in a full-time role. Once you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt, you could progress to become a lead practitioner with salaries ranging from £47,000 to £72,000.  

Train with an Outstanding provider

Your teacher training experience matters. With United Teaching, you’ll train with an Ofsted-rated Outstanding provider - learning from, and surrounded by, people who believe and embody all the reasons above every day.

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