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Why train to teach Science?


Science is the gateway to the future! Are you ready to inspire the next generation of scientific geniuses and Nobel prize winners?  

Here is what some of our current and former graduates have to say about training to teach: 

Why did you decide to become a science teacher?  

I find physics fascinating as a subject and yet recognise that it can be incredibly difficult. As someone who had to work hard at school myself to master the subject, I wanted to be able to help future scientists to see the links, real-world applications, and exciting nature of science. Equipping students with the relevant study skills, practical experience, and the ability to think critically begins in the classroom. This is what I wanted to contribute towards. 

What have been the highlights of your teaching career so far?  

One of the biggest highlights for me so far has been in teaching the Year 13 chemistry students. In their final year of school - they worked incredibly hard to master some of the most complex chemistry problems. Their perseverance, determination and hard work saw them go on to fantastic universities to study courses such as engineering, chemistry, and medicine to name a few. Hopefully, we have unlocked their curiosity enough for some of them to help future generations with their work.  

So, what do you need to train to teach science? 

If you have studied a science-related degree or have a good A Levels in science subjects, we would like to talk to you as our September 2022 applications are still open.  

Do not forget that to qualify for post graduate teacher training course, you must have a degree and GCSEs in English and maths at grade C/4 or above. 

When you train to teach science, you can choose either a salaried or unsalaried route. Some people opt for the salaried route, but the benefits of taking the unsalaried route include a tax-free £24,000 bursary for Physics and Chemistry and £10,000 for Biology. 

If you are ready to inspire the next generation of scientists, we will make you the best teacher you can be. 




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