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The world is one big and amazing place and if it interests you as much as it does us, then you might be in the right place to come and inspire the next generation of explorers or climate champions (think COP26). Geography is a dynamic and engaging subject – it teaches us about the world at large, the environment, places, cultures, landscapes, and weather patterns just to skim the surface.

We asked some of our current and past geography trainees about teaching this fascinating subject.

Why is it important to you that young people learn about geography?

I believe it is the subject of our time! It tackles global issues such as the climate crisis and enables students to engage with critical debates about the world we live in. I think that teaching in an urban environment, it is also important as it helps students to appreciate and understand the natural environment. It inspires curiosity about the world and an appreciation of other cultures and nationalities. Geography gives students an awareness of geopolitical issues and skills students with the ability to look critically at the news and challenge stereotypes. I think that inspiring them to have a love of the planet so that they grow up as people who will work to protect it, is such an important job!

What would you say to someone thinking about training to teach geography?

It is so varied and lets you discover every corner of the world and such a breadth of issues. It is also so topical! The students can engage with what you are teaching them because you can bring in what is going on around them. For example, looking at maps and data about the coronavirus, it’s all geography! In most lessons, you can blow their minds. I remember teaching a Year 9 lesson about global energy demand and watching the reaction from the students when they realised that not every person has access to electricity in their homes - it changed the whole way that they viewed the world. Not all careers give you that opportunity on a daily basis!

Feeling inspired?

So, what do you need to train to teach geography? A good starting point is a geography degree that includes both physical and human geography. Don’t be deterred if this is not you, as we would love to talk to you if you have geography A Level or a geography related degree ie. sociology, politics, economics and geology.

When you train to teach with United Teaching you can opt for either the salaried or unsalaried route. Entering via the unsalaried route, you’ll need to pay your tuition fees, but you’ll be entitled to apply for a student loan to cover fees and maintenance. If you choose geography that tax-free bursary is £15,000. Take a look at some of our trainee’s experiences of training with us in our blog.


For more information or to apply for September 2022 click here.

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