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Six Benefits of a Career Change


Have you been feeling unfulfilled at work lately? Are you dreaming of a Monday that makes you excited for the week ahead?

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Career Progression: Teaching to Leadership


Teaching can present many opportunities both in and out of the classroom, including routes into leadership.

Allistair Williamson, Head of Guildford Junior School, shared his career progression...

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Changing Careers: Making the Leap to Train to Teach


Not everyone who trains to teach does so straight after university. In fact, many people have had a career in a different sector or industry before embarking on their teaching journey.

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Funding: What are my options?


So, you’ve decided to become a teacher – great! But what’s next?

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United Learning: Teaching and Beyond


We spoke with Charly Barrett, Strategic Careers Lead, about her journey since she joined United Learning as a Newly Qualified Teacher in 2013.

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Teaching: a career that changes lives


Most people would likely agree that life as we know it would not exist without teachers. Not only do they educate and inspire children, but they help them to reach their potential. It may sound a...

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How one teacher progressed her career with United Learning


We spoke to Connie McKinney about her journey with United Teaching, through United Learning and then back to United Teaching once again. When you train to teach with us the opportunities for...

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Never a monotonous day if you Train to Teach Design Technology


Design Technology is not usually the first subject that people consider when thinking about training to teach, but the subject is hugely popular with pupils and a strong component of the curriculum...

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Come and inspire the next generation teaching English


If you love the English language and all its foibles as much as we do, could you teach it? Would you enjoy widening the vocabulary of students, teaching them how to listen, read, write and speak to...

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Why train to teach Maths?


If you have a passion for numbers, data and formulae, wouldn’t it be great to inspire the next generation of mathematicians,statisticians, economists, computer scientists, and engineers?

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Why train to teach Science?


Science is the gateway to the future! Are you ready to inspire the next generation of scientific geniuses and Nobel prize winners? 

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Teaching Modern Foreign Languages


Learning another language is more than just learning words and phrases- it is learning about different cultures, people, ways of communicating and expression. Teaching languages is hugely rewarding...

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