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Training to teach Geography


The world is one big and amazing place and if it interests you as much as it does us, then you might be in the right place to come and inspire the next generation of explorers or climate champions...

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Why I chose to train with United Teaching straight from Uni


We met to have a chat with Laura who trained to teach with United Teaching straight from University. Laura teaches Science (Biology) in Kettering.

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What it's like coming straight from university into teacher training


Alice teaches Science in Kettering and came straight from University. So we asked her some questions about her time training to teach with United Teaching.

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Career Changer: Food Technology


We had the pleasure of meeting Matthew recently and he told us all about his experience training with United Teaching. Matthew is a career changer and teaches Food Technology in Kettering. 

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Career Changer: Science


Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi who chose to train to teach with United Teaching. Naomi now teaches Science (Biology) in Kettering.

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Demi: Modern Foreign Languages Teacher


We caught up with Modern Foreign Languages ECT Demi who tells us about her journey with United Teaching.

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Teaching History at Northampton Academy


Hi, I’m Tom, and I’m a United Teaching trainee at Northampton Academy.

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Teaching English at Northampton Academy


My name is Aisha Abdi, and I am currently an English teacher trainee at Northampton Academy.

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Switching careers to teaching


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a career that makes a meaningful difference to thousands of lives? Or perhaps you’re after a challenge, a job which pushes you to grow and...

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Training to teach Chemistry


United Teaching graduate Lucy trained as a chemistry teacher at Paddington Academy and is now a Head of Department at the school. She tells us more about her teaching journey so far:

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Training to teach with a PhD


We spoke to Seren, who is training to teach maths with us through the Researchers in Schools programme. The scheme enables trainees with doctorates to inspire their students about university study...

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Why train to teach P.E?


There has never been a more important time to join the PE profession. Research tells us that children’s already-low levels of physical activity have dropped by almost 2% since 2018 and that both...

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